MRI-capable monitors

Our MRI-capable monitors are the best solution today for simulations in research areas or for entertainment in pediatric medicine. The monitors can be put in nearly any position, mounted on the ceiling or wall, fixed or tiltable. Our complete installation ends in the control room--we provide you with a DVI / Display Port interface which gives you a simple connection to your data media. Monitors up to 48” are available. We can also provide navigation walls. More information available at the download center.

  • MRI-capable patient monitoring

    Aan essential component with poorly viewable RF-cages due to restricted spaces or inflexible space design. You can monitor the events with this MRI-capable solution; this required for its safety and technical aspects. Up to 4 MRI-capable cameras are wired to one monitor, offering maximum safety. More information available at the download center.

  • Active compensation units

    Active compensation units reduce interference sources as well as their mounting, adjustment and start-up, this can be the only solution if you have extreme interference sources in order to implement your MRI system at your desired location. The system is maintenance-free after start-up, and not visible to you, except for your perfect imaging. More information available at the download center.

Individual lighting designs with the best efficiency, MRI-tested using the latest state-of-the-art LED’s
Design and equipment is highly functional
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