• Measures to ensure stability of operation

    The services we offer, tailored to your site situation, are vital in order to ensure smooth functioning and optimal imaging. This includes site testing of your MRI set-up location for vibrations, moving masses and 50 Hz interference before you have decided on how to position your MRI.
    We are able to carry out magnetic field calculations and to work out the relevant measures and their safety equipment aspects. These ensure that you are effectively shielded from hazardous areas.
    After the installation is completed, we carry out magnetic field line measurements; we then carry out the measures to reduce magnetic fields.
    We round out our services with RF measurements to establish the quality of our RF-cage after completing the installation.
    A skilled project management team will accompany you from the beginning of your MRI project, offering advice and solutions.

Individual lighting designs with the best efficiency, MRI-tested using the latest state-of-the-art LED’s
Design and equipment is highly functional
Standards, guidelines and solutions for MRI switch protection topics
Proper accessories for your MRI project
Services to implement your MRI project
Low-frequency and high-frequency shielding