• RF Cafe lighting

    The RF-cage lighting is designed as desired using LED technology, two circuits, and dimmable from outside the booth. The system uses 8 static and 4 adjustable spotlights for one HF booth, ensuring optimal lighting for the room and patient table. This product is outstanding for its low heat production as well as lower energy costs. We carry out the entire delivery and installation of the lighting system.

  • Ambient Lighting

    Ambient lighting is becoming ever-more important. We offer LED color scene lighting at the transition from the wall to the ceiling in order to provide a feeling of well-being. The system is mounted in a recessed fashion, so that the lights themselves are invisible. The lights are controlled on the panel in the control room; light sequences can be freely set at any time.

  • LED Panel lighting system

    The LED panel lighting system serves as the basic lighting and also provides color changes for the right mood. The system can be either white or RGB; this system works perfectly in a suspended ceiling; it can also be used as large-surface lighting. The controls are found on the control panel in the control room.

  • LED-RGB panel lighting for walls

    LED-RGB panel lighting on the wall scenes gives a completely new feeling of spaciousness. Many color nuances can be set using the controls in the control room. The system can be mounted inside the wall, so that your flat walls remain in place. The number of panels and their placement can be freely selected.

  • Sky Ceiling

    Together with our partner, “Sky Factory,” we achieve an extraordinary atmosphere with the impression of a daylight window in the ceiling. The number of lighted panels and the size or surface distribution of the entire image can be freely chosen. We have a large number of themes available from “Sky Factory’s” portfolio. MR Schutztechnik takes all responsibility for delivery, installation and start-up

  • LED lighted ceiling

    The surface solution as a partially lighted ceiling over an area up to a size of 1.80 x 2.4 meters as a large-surfaced image without grids gives an extraordinary view, and significantly contributes to a feeling of well-being. The theme can be swapped at low cost, the LED technology lighting remains the same, due to the use of smooth surface taut film.

  • LED broad panel technology

    LED broad panel technology makes it possible to see in three dimensions, even though it is not there. The light controls outside the booth can be individually set; it is flat-mounted with a suspended ceiling at the transition to the wall. This solution can also be used on several walls. One can achieve special effects with high-gloss white interior finishing boards.

  • LED RF-cage

    We can design your unique RF-cage using LED lighting technology. Different image themes can be freely chosen in order to make one or several walls of your HF booth one of a kind. The theme lighting is separately switched, and can be controlled fully separately from the basic lighting, and therefore provide highlighting.

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