• Wall covers

    Even the standard version of our RF-cage offers a generous amount of equipment. The wall covers are made of 19 mm melamine resin panels with a broad choice of colors from the MR Schutztechnik sample program, allowing you to create your own color design (download center). Also there is a broad choice of high-quality floor coverings available from the MR Schutztechnik sample program (download center). Of course, we can also make your booth floor match your office rooms.

  • Deluxe wall covering

    Free color design as well as joint-free transitions offer a “deluxe” wall covering with painted colors. The flat subsurface makes it possible to provide a fiberglass coating with or without a structure. Thus the RF-cage can be adapted through its color design to all the rooms in the Radiology Department.

  • Suspended ceitlings

    Various versions for suspended ceilings in the cage are available for your selection. All ceiling models offer an individual appearance, whether made of aluminum panels with micro-holes or noise protection coverings, as cassettes or additional ceiling baize.

  • RF door

    The most important connection to your RF-cage is our RF door, which meets the highest demands in design and functionality. This is outfitted with a safety lock which can be opened from the inside at all times. A low-maintenance spring contact, double-circumference seals as well as special door panel insulation ensures high-level noise protection; it can also be supplied as a double-wing door.

RF door with pneumatic opening and closing assistance

Our RF door with pneumatic opening and closing assistance offers outstanding ease of use; these functions require virtually no force. In addition, one can completely open and close the doors with an optional electrical door opener. Both versions meet currently applicable safety rules, and these doors can also be manually operated in the conventional manner. This version is also available as a double-wing door.

RF sliding door

A further impressive solution for access to your RF-cage is our RF sliding door, which is also available as a two-piece version. Threshold-free access to the RF-cage from the control or prep room offers the greatest ease of use to bring patient beds into the RF-cage. Low maintenance, fast opening and closing as well as wider access are available. Furthermore, this solution is optimal for room situations in which workflow cannot accommodate a wing door due to narrow space considerations.

  • RF window

    The patient is always in view—our RF window offers outstanding views from every viewing angle. Thanks to our special technology in relation to the selection and arrangement of our HF cloth, observing the procedures within the RF-cage is incomparably easy. Also the noise protection offered by our RF window is at the highest level do to the use of different levels of panel thickness.

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